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you can sure buy whatever you hell you want on the internet these days. 24-year-old vlogger from the u.k., charlotte harrison was gifted an emu egg from ebay for £25 ($31), and after caring for it for 47 days in an incubator, it hatched. but unlike a tamagotchi, it turns out emus have a plethora of needs — not necessarily met by domestic life in england. see also: doggy tour bus shows adventurous pups the sights of london the hatching was chronicled on harrison's youtube channel and . ahh the pains of being 9 years old. all the angst of a teenager and no idea what to do with it.  sometimes the only solution is to, like, pack your bags and run away to wherever pre-teen runaways go to? at least that's what this 9-year-old planned to do: think my little sister is overacting a bit all because she got grounded for a day 😭😭😭 — nk (@nicole_kennedyy) march 21, 2017 see also: grounded teen gets stuck in her room and record. witches of the world are uniting against the president of the united states, and it might just spark off a war of spells vs. prayers. a document has been circulating around the internet recently, detailing a " a spell to bind donald trump and all those who abet him (version 2.0). " presumably, version 1.0 was unsuccessful, but witches are nothing if not resilient.  while the instructions don't give a clear idea of what the spell is supposed to do or what 'binding' trump will accomplish, it. the iphone 7 may be just a few months old, but the excitement over the 10th anniversary iphone 8 is already resulting in a few very well-conceived concept designs for apple's next smartphone.  the latest comes from designer iskander utebayev, who not only gives us a look at what the rumored w around screen on the iphone 8 might look like, but also puts the device's era in the middle of the apple logo. traditionally, apple tends to let its apple logo stand alone, but considering that the an. if you think about it, not everyone could have been a trainer in the pokemon universe. if every single person had tried to be the very best like no one ever was, that society would have stopped functioning. basic infrastructure would have broken down. dorkly digs deeper into this idea by giving us a closer look at the average, every day jobs that are both necessary but also really y when put into the pokemon world. it's a shame these pixellated people don't get the recognition they deserve. lon. by miles harter, zealnyc contributing writer, january 23, 2017 who wouldn't want to start their day frolicking around the metropolitan museum of art before opening hours to such lively standards as "staying alive" and "dance to the ," all the while taking in the met's beautiful spaces and magnificent works of art? the metlivearts has commissioned a new work entitled, the museum workout , whereby participants are able to exercise within the confines of the museum while also experiencing all the . federal express is a company that specializes in id overnight delivery of high-priority packages. the first company of its type, federal express was founded by the youthful fred smith in 1971, when he was only 28 years old. smith had actually developed the idea for the id delivery service in a term paper for an economics cl when he was a student atyaleuniversity. the term paper reputedly received a less-than-stellar grade because of the infeasibility of the project that smith had outlined. the . one illustrator is using the alphabet to send a powerful message about mental health. bangalore-based artist sonaksha iyengar has launched a series of gorgeous illustrations on instagram called #atozofmentalhealth , through which she depicts conditions like anxiety, ptsd and narcolepsy. the 22-year-old hopes her art will spread awareness about mental illness, and tackle stigma in the process. see also: gr roots facebook pages are helping rural men talk about feelings with each artistic interpre. president donald trump thinks his voters should have their own rally, but luckily, bernie sanders is here to remind him that, um, they already did. and it didn't go well. in his usual urday morning tweet routine ( tweetine? ), trump turned his attention to the rallies against him since he took office:  maybe the millions of people who voted to make america great again should have their own rally. it would be the biggest of them all! — donald j. trump (@realdonaldtrump) february 25, 2. new dads are at risk of experiencing the same symptoms of postpartum depression as women who’ve just given birth — despite the fact that their bodies don’t go through the same sort of changes. a paper published wednesday in jama psychiatry finds that just over four percent of new fathers experience elevated symptoms of depression after their children are born. the idea of postpartum depression among new dads is a relatively new one, and the study’s authors say raisi. if you want your new neighbourhood to be quiet, maybe buying a place next to one of the world's most famous venues isn't a great idea. australia's sydney opera house was fined a$15,000 (us$11,562) for violating noise limits during a florence and the machine gig, according to the australian . see also: there's not enough medical marijuana in australia, so it's speeding up imports it followed complaints from grouchy nearby residents at "the toaster," an apartment block adjacent to the sydney oper. bigger usually means better, right? not in the world of whips.  recently, youtuber bryan ropar decided to test out an 80-foot homemade bull whip. unfortunately for roper, 80-feet proved to be a good 20 feet too long. every time he attempted to crack the whip, the loop was so large that it was able to reach him at the other end.  roper basically created a self torture device. but at least he admitted his failure.  "well, that is by far one of the stupidest things i've ever done in. could carrie bradshaw, monica gellar, or ted mosby really afford to live in their swanky city pads? your favorite tv characters have some impressive (and notoriously unrea ic) real estate holdings. carrie bradshaw’s upper east side digs for a freelance writer? not so much. coinage estimates her fictional $750/month rent would be closer to $2,800. related: allison williams compares marnie’s apartment on s to carrie’s on and the city and the results are hilarious the most beloved apartments. imagining the run-up to the 2016 presidential election without alec baldwin’s hilarious impersonation of donald trump on urday night live is like picturing the former apprentice host without his questionable (yet signature) hairstyle, but the emmy-winning actor has revealed that the iconic impression almost didn’t happen at all. writing for vanity fair ‘s april issue — which also features baldwin on the cover — the 58-year-old indicates he needed a bit of a push from longtime collabor. it's quite a godly year for neil gaiman, bard of myth, nerd hearthrob and the lucky who got to marry amanda palmer .  the appropriately outlandish tv version of gaiman's bestseller american gods premieres on starz at the end of next month — while his norse mythology has been in the top echelons of the new york times bestseller since it e out five weeks ago. both star odin the all-father, played in the show by ian mcshane. see also: 'american gods' trailer is pure fantasy — in t. send out high quality iso 9001 also called the standard of quality mana ent system seeks to create an intra-organizational system that manages quality. mana ent is including of planning, controlling, guiding, and supervising. accordingly, under the circumstances of iso 9001 such criterions supposed to be done through a specific quality approach. one of the most significant concerns of tnt-iran is to provide a customer-orientated approach based on the dynamic improvement of the intra-organizational system. in this regard, obtaining iso 9001: 2015 demonstrates the principled training of tnt- iran’s staff in order to isfy their customers. the whole approach of tnt-iran’s iso system is to identify customer needs, as well as discovery of customer expectations and how to resolve them in the least feasible time. may we be along with you, having a mutual relationship in order to have both an ever-increasing a ncement and customer-orientated services. tnt-iran board of directors

iso 9001: 2015 generally, iso standards are reviewed each 5 years. iso 9001: 2008 was put under investigation by iso supervisory board in 2013; and was finalized as iso9001: 2015, in september; 2015. iso9001: 2015 seeks for a higher-level structure having a wider perspective for not only the organization and stakeholders; but it also seeks to make it easier to be used as an interconnected system with other standard mana ent systems. iso9001: 2015 looks specifically at business threats, opportunities, and risks while iso 9001: 2008 has not addressed such issues. as an organization requires demonstrating its capability through providing identical products and services that are in line with both the customer requirements and practicable legal and regulatory requirements, the implementation of iso 9001: 2015 is the solution in this regard. providing identical products and services means the organization ensures that the quality of its products and services would never diminish in time; that the organization is constantly seeking the best adequate feasible solutions, services, and products that lead to customer isfaction. a number of iso 9001: 2015 benefits - product quality improvement - have a customer-complaint report system - compliance with legal product requirements - have tracking and identification system - have contract feasibility system - have qualified staff and staff training - chief executive officer commitment - determine the responsibilities and authorizations of each person - proper facilities and infrastructure پست بین الملل تی ان تی square introduced square capital with the idea to help small business owners with more than just swiping credit cards. the loans, usually a few thousand dollars, help businesses that use square stay afloat and stay ambitious.  at the end of women's history month, square has some interesting data about how its loans are being distributed. most of square capital's funding is going to women — particularly young women.  of all the square sellers who have accepted a loan from the pay. for the first nostalgia theater show of 2017, i'm joined by illustrator  joe simko , who discusses the garbage pail kids phenomenon from the 1980s, including his own work as producer and director of the documentary 30 years of garbage . there's lots of insights as we dive into the icky-eww-kitschy-cool fad that first captivated kids of all ages three decades ago, and continues to do so to this very day! you can en to it at the embed below, or subscribe at  itunes ,  stitcher radi. there's a powerful connection between characters and the fans who love them.  anyone who scribbled harry potter fanfiction or dissected the latest teen drama with their friends knows. and the line between actor and character is often completely muddled for viewers that live far beyond the realities of hollywood. see also: mashreads podcast: 'history is all you left me' is a heartbreaking novel about teenage grief but what if those same fans were stuck on a road trip with the object of thei. it’s a young chef’s life for them, indeed. the pint-sized stars of fox’s masterchef junior showed off another set of precocious skills with a kitchen-themed cover of annie ‘s “it’s a hard knock life” in an adorable ad set to air during the super bowl. the song includes altered lyrics like, “gordon is so tough, you see, makes a great chef out of me,” as clips of notoriously tough judge gordon ramsay roll. the ad also previews a slew of special guest stars that will appear on th. a look at some of the reaction around the sports world as donald trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the united states on friday:

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",cheap nfl jerseys free shipping;today is the first day on the road to making america great agai. when science fiction author ted chiang first got the idea for “story of your life,” the fictional work that would eventually be adapted into the oscar-nominated movie “ arrival ,” he knew he wasn’t ready to write it yet. “i figured i would put it on the back burner, work on my writing skills, and at the same time i figured i would learn about linguistics,” he told the huffington post. five years of self-education later, chiang wrote the story, a deliber. perhaps the most memorable moment  in the oscars’ history occurred last month, but  judd apatow was not in his seat to see it.  during an appearance on the “ late show ” on monday, apatow told host stephen colbert  how uncomfortable he felt with all the eras in the theater at the  89th annual academy awards  and how he missed out on the candy. colbert asked the writer-director-producer of hits including “the 40-year-old virgin” what it. get ready, nasty gals. netflix's series # boss , based on sophia amoruso's new york times bestseller, will launch on netflix april 21. the 13-episode comedy series stars britt robertson ( tomorrowland). it is inspired by the book, which follows amoruso as she shares how she went from "dumpster diving" to founding popular online fashion retailer nasty gal.  kay cannon, writer of the pitch perfect franchise, is on board as showrunner and co-executive producer alongside charlize theron, beth . uber ceo travis kalanick has said change will come to his company after a blog post detailed horrific acts of ism and repressive, kafka-esque hr company culture.  see also: uber's ratings are in the toilet yet, it seemed that some found their last straw, and weren't willing to wait out the change. a rumor circulated that 118 people, based in uber's san francisco office, had resigned following that meeting.  this number is not true, according to an uber spokesperson.  the idea had. – told him she was 19-years olda 28-year-old east coast demerara man found out the hard way that looks are certainly deceiving when he found himself in water with a 14-year old from the soesdyke/linden highway.the man was arrested tuesday night after police raided his house and found the teenager,cheap blues jerseys, who was missing from her parents?? home for a his defence though, the man claimed that the told him that she was 19 years old. in fact the teenager admitted that she did t. the screenwriter of aquaman is ready to submerge himself in another shared cinematic universe. will beall has been en ed to pen a reimagining of creature from the black lagoon for universal pictures as part of the studio’s burgeoning franchise based on cl ic movie monsters, ew has confirmed. while offering an updated take on the 1954 creature feature about an amphibious humanoid that terrorizes a science expedition in the amazon, the new black lagoon would also be set within the larger world . what do cookie monster, bert, grover and cory booker have in common? they were all on mashable's twitter live show at sxsw ! on this week's mashtalk podcast, the mashable tech team recaps the highs and lows of sxsw, dives into exploding headphones (ugh—more exploding tech to freak out about?!) and discusses why the idea of facezam (a fake app that would have been the "shazam for faces") should scare you. see also: twitter helps brands become more than faceless monoliths to their customers. it’s time to do some superhero-style sleuthing of our own.  netflix’s first teaser for the defenders may not have looked like much at first glance, even if there is an undeniable thrill in seeing the team all together for the first time. see also: marvel's 'defenders' emble in a perfect viral video teaser but a closer look revealed that the teaser doubled as a premiere date announcement. and an even closer look takes us down a rabbit hole of interconnected sites that may or may. the friendly, upbeat late night host james corden doesn't seem difficult to work with, but this video of life behind the scenes of the late late show would suggest otherwise. see also: james corden makes a stunning belle in a 'beauty and the beast' crosswalk al in the video above, corden takes us through a hugh grant pitch meeting and it's awkward from the get go. after boasting his refined taste in niche british film, corden challenges his writing staff to come up with a swoon-worthy sketch fo.  the health food revolution has seen many of us take a keen interest in what we put into our bodies — we’re more conscious than ever of eating the right things. that doesn’t mean we’re not all craving a chocolate bar or two though, and there’s a uk startup that’s putting our favourite naughty snack onto the health food shopping . iq chocolate is the company creating healthy chocolate “from bean to bar”. their produce is free from all 14 aller. whatsapp just introduced a major update to its security settings and you should take a ntage of it as soon as you can. the app is officially adding support for two-step verification, which prevents someone else from activating your phone number without a six-digit p code. see also: iphone users can finally send whatsapp messages offline the feature, which has been testing in beta since november, is starting to roll out now to whatsapp's ios, android and windows apps. head over to settings ̵. aengus meldon was solidly on his way to victory in his race when the unthinkable happens — a pole vault bar falls onto him. meldon manages to shake it off, but it gets tangled around his legs, severely slowing him down and causing him to lose his first place spot. while this in itself is exciting to watch, what makes the video even better is the commentator. it's clear the commentator cannot believe what is happening on the track. "it's like spiderman threw something at him!" he gushes. ". heckling a police officer is never a good idea. but doing it in front of a pack of press? now you're really asking for a trouble.  an unknown australian man (beer bottle in hand) learnt that the hard way when he shouted "bull !" during an unnamed officer's address to reporters in albury earlier this week, as per a video uploaded to facebook on tuesday by prime7 news border. see also: reporter learns why you shouldn't let random aussies speak on live tv unfazed, the police officer excused h. finally — some good news. nasa has found what pretty much appears to be a backup solar system a mere 40 light-years away. and not a moment too soon. see also: nasa may put astronauts on the first flight of its new mega-rocket scientists discovered seven earth-sized exoplanets circling a dwarf star, t pist-1, and everyone on earth is ready to sign up for a one-way ticket to the new system. (using current technology, it would be nearly impossible for humans to get to the planetary system, h. each week, host jeff probst will answer a few questions about the most recent episode of survivor: game changers . entertainment weekly: words cannot properly express how much i loved this joint tribal council, where two tribes combined together to vote out one player. before we get into everything that happened there, tell us about the genesis of this idea: where it e from and the inspiration for trying it out. jeff probst: i can’t remember the exact details of the origin of this idea but i . janet mock knows the struggles of transgender students. she's lived them. the author and activist recently opened up about her high school experiences as a trans student in a viral new york times essay , calling on the trump administration to grant trans students essential protections. now, mock wants you to join her in putting pressure on secretary of education betsy devos. see also: how you can help protect trans kids right now along with the ally coalition , a national lgbtq equality organiz. as if you needed another reason not to put an internet-connected microphone in your child's bedroom.  a california-based toy company selling "a message you can hug" reportedly exposed over 2 million voice messages recorded between parents and children to online ers. what's worse, the company was allegedly notified multiple times that additional customer data was online and available for anyone to grab — yet the data remained up for at least a week with evidence suggesting that it was. in 2015, google launched project sunroof , a map that shows which houses have enough sun exposure for solar panels to be a viable energy source. however, the original map was very limited, covering only the san francisco bay area, fresno, california and boston. now, google has greatly expanded the project to cover all 50 u.s. states, with a total of 60 million buildings in the database.  see also: google pledges $11.5 million to racial justice innovators across the u.s. the project uses im. the 13th –june 2017– tuesday as a recently established habit , i woke up at 6:20 and took a shower and it was about 7:00 when i left the dormitory. as i promised to my self , from 7 to 7:25 and after work when i back to dormitory , i must read my daily book pages whether on my tablet or on a paper book. in addition to save time , its enjoyable and makes the unbeautiful mornings of thetehransar more tolerable. i will buy some books and will keep on this habit.
at about 7:25 i am at the o.