m s - اخبار روز

اخبار روز با عنوان m s به صورت خودکار توسط سیستم خبرخوان جمع آوری شده است. noun clause: a clause which comes instead a noun.
it can be replaced with (something or somebody) noun and noun clause places: 1. subject 2. object of verb 3. object of preposition 4. subjective complement example:
noun as subject:
john goes home.
noun as object of verb:
i see john everyday.
noun as object of preposition: ادامه مطلب writing task 1 (a report) we were given two charts. the first was showing young people having breakfast compared with those having just fruit, the second chart was describing young people doing daily exercises during the week in five countries in 2000. writing task 2 (an essay) there is an argument between scientists regarding wild animals. some of them believe in saving wild animals of all kinds, others, however, are interested in saving only particular species. discuss both views, give your o. describe yourself. email · do you send and receive email regularly? · who do you usually communicate with? · how often do you check your email? · do you think writing email has strengthened or weakened people’s writing skills? · what are some disa ntages of email?