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what are some huge life lessons you've learned that you would want to tell your younger self? originally appeared on quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights . answer by jordan ritter , ceo of atlas informatics , formerly of napster and cloudmark, on quora . 1. spend deliberate, intentional time thinking about what you value most, what's truly important to you. it's an incredibly hard thing to do, to face your own truth, figure. some people think that sense of competition in children should be encouraged. others believe that children who are taught to co-operate rather than compete become more useful adults.

discuss both views and give your own opinion.

people have different views about whether children should be taught to be competitive or co-operative. while sprit of competition can sometimes be useful in life, i believe that the ability to co-operate is more important.

on the one hand competition. lifelong learning, can't say it enough, is extremely important. no matter where you are in life it's one of the strategies that will keep you competitive and moving forward. this doesn't always have be just getting a degree or certification. there are so many resources available that are free on the internet that can be just as important and easily leveraged. some of the resources that are producing the best content at this point in time are: blogs linkedin groups podcasts white papers ebooks va. anything can happen at any time in life as life is filled with uncertainties. the remote of every day life is not inside our hand, we cannot control each and every mishappening. one thing, which may be controlled, is option of money and predominantly cash. online payday loans are taken before salary day in order to meet the credit requirements and short-term cash, that are prone to happen. because of uncertainties of life payday loans are obtaining a growing number of popu. originally published on gays with kids , by michael lambert . rob chasteen-scheer over e years of abuse and homelessness to become a father to four at-risk children. he is the founder of  “ comfort cases ,” a non-profit organization that provides backpacks with essentials to tens of thousands of foster kids. this past year, he has received much-deserved recognition for the charity’s invaluable work: in march, rob was honored at the family equality council impact awards in. blast is student impact's winter p, where students spend extended time away from everyday life to have fun, hang out, and ask big... you can use 'showmygoal' to track & share goals (or habits) to create a successful, balanced life, for yourself. track your goals &... if you are looking for a casual puzzle to solve during your break time, you have come to the right place. hidden pieces is are magic... 1. learn to live in the moment. life is a wonderful adventure filled with enriching experiences and endless possibilities. don’t just go through the motions of repetitive activities and boring tasks. no! being a mindless zombie can make you more likely to take things for granted. instead of doing something just for the sake of doing it, actually make an effort to savor the experience. you’re supposed to attend a conference? absorb it. babysit your niece? savor the moment. eat a 15-minute lun. for many of us, it's becoming increasingly hard to remember the time before donald trump was elected — that rosy, carefree time before we were on the verge of war with five different countries and our president knew that frederick dougl was dead.  ah, the good old days. trump's presidency, just weeks old, has been so brutal and swift that it's been hard for the millions of americans who oppose him to think of a time where his twitter feed didn't consume all of our mental energy. reme. black friday & cyber mondaywe discount a lot for you today. let's now. victo ideas health & fitness lab (top 3 health & fitness... efficcess free is a cross-platform personal information manager that can help you organize and plan your business and private life.... schoolhub students is the key to managing your academic life. use our dashboard for a one-stop overview of your ignments, courses,... oscar-nominated british actor sir john hurt has died aged 77. why epic libs? 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our 3d dino simulator game gives you the most real... one of apple's latest innovations could be making its way to even more keyboards.  a newly granted trio of patents shows apple might be working to bring its touch bar tech to more devices than just the macbook pro line. the touch bar famously debuted with the 2016 macbook pro , replacing the row of function keys with a much more functional super-responsive oled touch panel.  since the computer's release last november, the touch bar has been used in countless different ways, from the f. forget the hype. taking a bath can be a deeply traumatic experience, especially if you're actually trying to enjoy having one. reddit user's canipetyourdog21 's boyfriend recently designed a shelf that makes taking a bath genuinely pleasurable. who knew that such a thing was possible? see also: printable gender-inclusive bathroom signs you can put up anywhere that needs it the shelf, which affixes to the bathtub, includes a wine cup holder and carved out spaces for candles and an iphone. image:. that fart was my first presidential fart.... get used to this new smell melania

چرا همش غصه و حسرت میخوریم؟ ؟ چرا خوشحال نیستیم و چرا اصن با زندگیمون خیلی حال نمیکنیم؟؟ داشتم همینجوری توو سایتا میچرخیدم و ادامه مطلب yara shahidi admits that her college application process has been a bit “surreal,” thanks to michelle obama.  during an interview  w magazine  published wednesday, the “black-ish” star talked about the support she’s received from the former first lady, who penned recommendation letters to four universities, including her alma mater harvard.   “she is very amazing and such a supporter, which is something very surreal to say,” shahidi . داستان کوهستان mountain story ما در این مطلب داستان کوهستان را بعلاوه ی ترجمه ی فارسی آن آورده ایم این داستان ازین قرار است که پسری همراه با پدرش در کوهستان پیاده روی می د که ناگهان پسر به زمین می خورد و آسیب می بیند و نا خود آگاه فریاد می زند: "آآآه ه ه ه ه" ... mountain story "a son and his father were walking . "it's sad. i feel bad for anybody in public life who this happens to," cooper offered. "[flynn] wants to serve his country." never mess with those who feed you, especially if they're making you a delicious sandwich. redditor vollkoemmenes broke that cardinal rule by telling his wife a ist joke just as she was making him a sandwich for his lunch. see also: niece's adorable note to her uncle is something you must read "called my wife a sandwich maker," he wrote.  big mistake, dude.  to get revenge, his wife decided to leave that little sleeve of plastic over his processed orange cheese. and to add one final t. this app is for current members of capital strength. if you would like to get started transforming your life, contact us and we will... kirstin perez thought that she had already hit rock bottom , but the problems keep coming. the former drug addict and mom of two watched her weight soar to 600 lbs. as she recovered from her drug dependency, but she continues to see the consequences of her poor eating habits and addictive tendencies in this exclusive clip from my 600-lb. life . “i hardly get out of the house because it hurts just to move. but sometimes i get stir-crazy so i push myself and try to get out,” perez, 38, explai. no it's not. he doesn't care. she's living her life and he is living his. seperately. quit trying to force the issue. they broke up and are done. you guys need to move on too. واژه ها جای فرار نیستند؛ در خودت با همه چیز روبرو شو. فرزندِ نحس و ترسوی دنیایی، که پریشان به کلمه رو می آوری؛ نیاور. این ها بازیچه استفراغ تو نیستند، این ها کلمه اند، احمق. time to grown up and move on with your life and i don't think redd is 38 year old she's 40 something year old because she has a daughter that in her 20"s she don't need to wear make up at this age 13 year old little white she's only famous for being disrespectful to her hungry fame mom. she need to stay in a child life to enjoy her childhood before it get totally ugly while she'll be in jail prison please quit trying to up the ratings for their stupid show. hollywood life is abvously trying to create storylines for momma kris. kylie will probably get robbed at knifepoint tonight. texts to me: "why the heck are you at the stock exchange?" it's a great question from a close friend who has known me for 21 years — and knows all too well that i'm not a traditional wall street reporter (and definitely didn't change careers to stock trading).  see also: evan spiegel has already made $1.5 billion off snapchat's ipo but thursday drew me to the new york stock exchange because it was a big day in the world of writing on snapchat, a once little-known app that i refused t. استیک آلکالاین
استیک آلکالاین یک قابل حمل است که پس از قرار گرفتن در بطری نیم لیتری آب، بعد از گذشت 2 ساعت، آب را قلیایی می کند و خواص آنتی ا یدانتی به آن می افزاید.
استیک آلکالاین smart life محصولی منحصر به فرد است که سلامت، شادی و تعادل را برای بدن شما به ارمغان می آورد. فناوری آب قلیایی مورد استفاده در استیک آلکالاین smart life، موجب تغیر سطح ph آب به سمت قلیائی شده که برای جلوگیری از اسیدی شدن بدن شما کاملا نیازمند است. همچنین این محصول می تواند با کاهش orp (پتانسیل ا ید و احیا) آب آنتی ا یدان تولید کند که در واقع کلیدی برای محافظت از بدن را از بیماری است.
تولید بیش از 300 بطری نیم لیتری (150 لیتر) آب قلیایی
افزایش سطح ph تا 8.5
تولید آب آنتی ا یدان
تولید آب با خوشه های مولکولی کوچک
قابل حمل، کاربری آسان و سریع
کمک به حل مشکلات سوءهاضمه
کمک می کند به تعادل فشار خون و سطح ph بدن
ایجاد حس سلامتی و نشاط
کمک به افزایش مو و طراوت پوست

“be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― mahatma gandhi
آن چیزی که در جهان می خواهی ببینی را تغییر بده. ماهاتما گ
“in three words i can sum up everything i've learned about life: it goes on.” robert frost
در سه کلمه می تونم چیزی که از زندگی یاد گرفتم را شرح بدم: این نیز بگذرد.

live the secret life of agent in the midst of city and perform high profile tasks involving national security. you are chosen to restore... credit: live leak     news uber rider banned for life after threatening to accuse driver of (video) april 7, 2017 by 0 shares advertisement while most people love uber, there’s been some horror stories about the pick-up service. however, in this case, it was the driver who had a horror story to tell. a young bronx woman was seen yelling at her uber driver after he didn’t have a phone charger, a video on liveleak showed. the p enger apparently umed every uber driver wa.