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this is how all young men should be raised! although ciara didn't join the bevy of celebrities who participated in the women's marches around the country, the ride singer did offer her support to the cause. on sunday, the a- er took to instagram and twitter to share a sweet video of her two year old, future [...] “spice up your life,” roxie hart! on sunday, mel b ‘s two worlds collided during one of her last shows in broadway’s chicago when she surprised the audience with a lyric from spice s’ “wannabe.” “here is a snippet of me last night doing my last show in @chicago al playing roxie heart breaking character busting out some spice power,” the star, 41, captioned a video posted on monday. in december, it was announced that the america’s got talent judge joined the production for an. busy philipps was front and center on oscar night during the now-infamous ending — in which an envelope mix-up caused bonnie and clyde costars warren beatty and faye dunaway to mistakenly announce la la land as the best picture winner instead of moonlight, the actual victor . but according to the 37-year-old actress, news of the error hit her and the rest of the celebs sitting in the dolby theatre’s front row first — before anyone on stage had even been informed. the cougar town actress w. didn't think it was a big deal when apple dropped the headphone jack from the iphone 7? this year will see the humble 3.5mm port removed from a lot more devices. while on the set of jur ic world 2, chris pratt has been making comedy, and frankly food tv gold. credit: abc     tv nostalgia melissa joan hart admits she was “smitten” with ryan reynolds (video) march 31, 2017 by 0 shares advertisement sabrina the teenage witch and deadpool were smitten? kind of. back in the ‘90s, it turns out melissa joan hart and ryan reynolds be e really close on the set of sabrina the teenage witch. via giphy before sabrina be e a show it was first a tv movie, which the 40-year-olds starred in together. on thursday, the clarissa explains it al. drew barrymore's dream of having a family didn't turn out exactly the way she pictured, but she is, as she puts it, figuring it out "with grace." the actress and will... fiat chrysler automobiles ceo sergio marchionne wanted a deal with gm, and they weren’t interested. then he mentioned merging with volkswagen, they didn’t necessarily say no, and that is when went and got too real for him. read more... lance b ' oscars sunday didn't exactly go as he had originally planned. the former *nsync star took to instagram to reveal that he underwent emergency surgery to remove his... doctor strange arrives on dvd and blu-ray feb. 28 and, in addition to the benedict cumberbatch-starring marvel superhero film itself, purchasers will be able to enjoy a blooper reel, a commentary from filmmaker scott derrickson, and deleted scenes. so, with regard to the latter, which of the sequences did derrickson have the toughest time cutting? “i really liked those scenes and i think everyone did a good job on them,” says the filmmaker, whose other credits include the horror movies sini. the report doesn't go as far as to say that flynn lied to pence, but... gavin rossdale takes his confessional track “mad love” to the roof in his band bush’s exclusive video premiere. the song comes off the band’s new album, black and white rainbows . the voice uk coach admitted to people that sons kingston , 10, zuma , 8, and apollo , 3, turned down his request to sing on the record ! “i wanted them to because they’ve got great voices and sound really good. as they’ve gotten older, they’ve got really nice, really pretty voices — maybe next record. motorcycles are kind of an odd religion in and of themselves. but as with any group, you periodically get confusing subsects, like the marcionites (early christians who urged celibacy even among married couples; i wonder why that didn’t catch on) or honda grom riders. read more... if you didn’t get your ps4 over the holidays, now’s your chance to score with one of these bundles from ebay. choose between the ps4 pro deus ex:mankind divided and rise of the tomb raider bundle for $400 or the ps4 slim uncharted 4bundle with final fantasy: xv and an extra controller for $300. read more... i've recently been personally feeling like facebook is becoming less and less tolerable given the post-election climate. not that i enjoyed the screaming back and forth from the 2008 or 2012 elections, but after the 2016 election, things didn't seem to settle down like they had in the past. as i heard one person say,... we can’t say grey’s anatomy didn’t warn us that we were about to get a workout of the tearful variety. maggie’s mom dying from her aggressive inflammatory breast cancer was never an if, always a when. of course (of course) ellen pompeo’s directing debut would be an episode that emotionally ... more » drake didn't forget about rihanna's 29th birthday. though the former couple split up a few months ago--and he's since been linked to jennifer lopez--the per shouted out to... have you ever seen a hair on kate middleton's head out of place? we didn't think so. the duchess' luxurious locks have built a global following with its bounce, volume and... her career is not as before. she almost didn't book paings this year other than for estee lauder but she doesn't need more than estee lauder. she'll be fine president trump refused to behave. he never seemed to keep quiet, and he didn't concentrate on his job. and so, it had to be done: president trump had to be castrated. this article was previously published in time . following her defeat of lucie safarova in straight sets in the second round of the australian open thursday, serena williams didn’t appreciate one reporter’s criticism of her play. after the moderator opened the floor for questions during her post-match press conference, williams shut down comments from the first reporter called on, who dubbed her performance “s py” and full of unforced errors. “i think that’s a very negative thing to . donald trump protesters in los angeles brought their creative a-game -- not settling for simple signs, they went on the attack with several blow-up versions of the new prez ... all unflattering. a rare l.a. downpour didn't stop the wave of… out of the overwhelmingly large collection of eligible topics for a cover treatment, the new yorker and the economist settled on the same one for their newest issues: golf. or, more specifically, the president's proclivity for the game, one that has found him visiting his golf courses 13 times since taking office (he didn't play... the u.s. banned p engers from carrying most electronics larger than a cellphone into the cabin on direct flights arriving from eight countries in the middle east and north africa, saying it is a response to “evaluated intelligence,” but didn’t provide details. i've literally done the same thing except i got to the last episode of season 4 and just had to know because i couldn't stand the back and forth! so i ended up here. i'm pretty much done with the show at this point . i hate horrible finales and i hate that amy and ricky didn't get their happily ever after. out of the overwhelmingly large collection of eligible topics for a cover treatment, the new yorker and the economist settled on the same one for their newest issues: golf. or, more specifically, the president's proclivity for the game, one that has found him visiting his golf courses 13 times since taking office (he didn't play... michael didn't do an invincible tour... you are probably referring to his 30th anniversary concerts at madison square garden. there are glimpses of prince and paris watching him from the wings. i use to be so happy for her she found happiness w a good man who truely loved her and had her back but because she's f***** up in her head over not having a mom she didn't know what love was so there goes her all american dream... wow shes a joke i cant stand the show dont follow just what comes up when i google... the crew of films like moonlight and love are helping to address social issues and the african american experience as well as race relations then that witch beyonce! at least they didn't praise the police killing black panthers! kristen stewart still doesn’t know why donald trump was so obsessed with tweeting about her all those years ago, but the actress remained unfazed by it on the late show thursday night. “we’re all different, that’s okay. celebrate the differences, you know, whatever,” she said. host stephen colbert wasn’t so chill. “he tweeted at you 11 times. how does it feel to be tweeted at more than the president has condemned antisemitism?” he asked. way before the election, back when stewar. i enjoy watching tommie. she has anger issue. she needs anger mana ent! you do not fire someone with a disability, you help them. they didn't fire the puerto rican princess. chris evans took a risk with dennis--but unfortunately, it didn't pay off. while the actor appeared on jimmy kimmel live! monday to promote gifted, he surprised the host--and an... the big bang theory didn't exactly upend the tv universe when it first premiered nearly 10 years ago. the situation comedy about four nerdy geniuses and the who moves in... you didn’t think it could happen. not again, you said. well, yes, it’s happening. hentai woody is back. again. read more... laurie hernandez knows that her accomplishments could inspire young latinas hoping for olympic greatness.  the 16-year-old gymnast, gold meda , best-selling author and “dancing with the stars” winner is one the many subjects of mtv and the ociation of national advertisers’ #seeher paign. in her video for the paign, hernandez noted she didn’t have u.s. latina gymnasts at the olympics to look up to when she was growing up.  “i feel like it’s a big res. donald trump's finally weighing in on the oscars, and thinks the whole best picture snafu happened because the show's producers were busy throwing insults at him. the prez says "i think they were focused so hard on politics they they didn't get… turns out, carrie bradshaw (sarah jessica parker) wasn’t always going to be swathed in a tulle tutu in the opening credits of hbo’s and the city. and she wasn’t going to be splashed by a bus bearing an ad for her own newspaper column, either. ew has an exclusive look at the series’ opening credits that were left on the cutting room floor. for more revelations from the past four decades of entertainment, visit ew.com/untoldstories . “there were two wardrobes. one was the tutu, and we d. this story is 100 percent bulls**t, like so many of the other chris brown "exclusives" hollywoodlies has published, which didn't come true. scarlett johansson didn't just smile through the pain. she traveled, entertained, worked, promoted, bantered and marched through it. all of which probably helped ease the pain in the... turns out i am afraid of heights... miraculously i didn't even have a bruise! i did break a lot of gear including my helmet. thanks to matt for helping me dig for nearly 5 hours i found my lost ski and skied down. #jerryoftheday a video posted by devin stratton (@devins223) on jan 24, 2017 at 2:49pm pst a skier in utah got a heart-stopping surprise last week when he suddenly found himself skiing right off a cliff. and it was all caught on era. while skiing at mount timpanogos in utah, .