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despite acquiring motorola back in 2014, lenovo didn't even slow down in churning new android smartphones under its own brand name. one of the most recent phones in its arsenal is the budget friendly k-series, the lenovo k6 power. the episode we left jane the virgin with several weeks ago was not my favorite — it was the first one that didn’t seem to handle the time-jump very well, the rogelio plot wasn’t emotionally grounded in a characteristic way, and nothing seemed to click. i’m very happy to report ... more » honor code inc released "narcosis," which is a first-person psychological horror game that takes place in the bottom of the pacific ocean. the game becomes truly frightening within minutes of starting the experience. i didn’t last much longer than that. if you didn’t get your ps4 over the holidays, now’s your chance to score with one of these bundles from ebay. choose between the ps4 pro deus ex:mankind divided and rise of the tomb raider bundle for $400 or the ps4 slim uncharted 4bundle with final fantasy: xv and an extra controller for $300. read more... motorcycles are kind of an odd religion in and of themselves. but as with any group, you periodically get confusing subsects, like the marcionites (early christians who urged celibacy even among married couples; i wonder why that didn’t catch on) or honda grom riders. read more... while the judge, col. jeffery nance , didn't make an immediate ruling, he did say that the clip was "disturbing material." he is expected to provide a written decision on the defense's request at a later time. have you ever seen a hair on kate middleton's head out of place? we didn't think so. the duchess' luxurious locks have built a global following with its bounce, volume and... drake didn't forget about rihanna's 29th birthday. though the former couple split up a few months ago--and he's since been linked to jennifer lopez--the per shouted out to... i remember the day i had you like it was yesterday. but it wasn’t. it was two years ago. i remember the second night with you in the hospital. your dad had gone home to help your older sister get to sleep. he’d stayed as late as he could. my mom e in his place and slept on the hard, fake leather sofa in our room. she slept, but i didn’t. you didn’t. (you were a newborn baby after all—who would expect you to?) i laid there on the uncomfortable bed, slightly tilted into a half reclined-. president trump refused to behave. he never seemed to keep quiet, and he didn't concentrate on his job. and so, it had to be done: president trump had to be castrated. i've literally done the same thing except i got to the last episode of season 4 and just had to know because i couldn't stand the back and forth! so i ended up here. i'm pretty much done with the show at this point . i hate horrible finales and i hate that amy and ricky didn't get their happily ever after. michael didn't do an invincible tour... you are probably referring to his 30th anniversary concerts at madison square garden. there are glimpses of prince and paris watching him from the wings. donald trump protesters in los angeles brought their creative a-game -- not settling for simple signs, they went on the attack with several blow-up versions of the new prez ... all unflattering. a rare l.a. downpour didn't stop the wave of… i'm sure when hollywood lies made up this fake news they didn't know rob was in paris working with claire denis. he's not watching snl and he's sure not in touch with this toxic fame . he hasn't given her a thought in years. out of the overwhelmingly large collection of eligible topics for a cover treatment, the new yorker and the economist settled on the same one for their newest issues: golf. or, more specifically, the president's proclivity for the game, one that has found him visiting his golf courses 13 times since taking office (he didn't play... the u.s. banned p engers from carrying most electronics larger than a cellphone into the cabin on direct flights arriving from eight countries in the middle east and north africa, saying it is a response to “evaluated intelligence,” but didn’t provide details. my opinion.....for what's it worth,,,,jb is jealous! but it's his fault if he didn't fight for her love. i believe in first love. you can go out with different people but never feel what you felt with your first love. in the long run if it's met to be it will be. love them ...together! spotting the northern lights anywhere in the united states (except for alaska and the upper midwest) would probably be one of most notable experiences in an american space fan’s life. now imagine if it was china or japan a thousand years ago and you didn’t know what caused these light shows. odds are, you’d freak out… read more... season 5 of vanderpump rules e to an end last week with the long-awaited wedding of katie and tom , but the excitement is far from over — this is lisa vanderpump’s world we’re talking about, after all — because it’s reunion time. an exclusive clip from “reunion – part 1” offers a peek into the d-r-a-m-a ahead, with the recent bride and former sur hostess lala, who left the restaurant and show this season, going at it when mr. bravo himself, host andy cohen, asks katie about the . ozzy osbourne wants to take back an admission he made last year after his affair with hairsty michelle pugh e to light: he is not a addict. in a new interview with the times,... la la land led the 2017 bafta awards nominations with 11 nods, but it didn't take home those 11 trophies, but it did pick up best film. emma stone won best actress for her role in the al,... chris evans took a risk with dennis--but unfortunately, it didn't pay off. while the actor appeared on jimmy kimmel live! monday to promote gifted, he surprised the host--and an... every week, emerald city eps david schulner and shaun c idy will bring ew behind the scenes and explain the ins-and-outs of the new nbc dark fantasy series inspired by the land of oz books. here, schulner spills on episode 5, “everybody lies.” this week, instead of talking about what you just saw from our emerald city episode “everybody lies,” i thought i’d tell you what you didn’t see. for the first time in the edit room, we had to cut scenes from the show. which we never like to d. after 12 seasons on the voice together, blake shelton and adam levine have formed an unbreakable bond . “i remember when i saw him at the meeting at nbc, i was instantly very taken by him ’cause he was definitely not your typical country artist,” levine told people recently on set of nbc’s hit singing competition show. “he was not a cookie-cutter guy, and the second we met, we were friends. all of the bulls— that we do comes from a place of love.” alicia keys — who’s back as a. not content to merely ruin porsche’s s at winning the 12 hours of sebring, air hoses also ruined one of martin truex jr.’s pit stops during today’s nascar cup series race. the air hose from michael mcdowell’s car caught the corner of truex’s wheel well and didn’t want to let go. read more... donald trump's finally weighing in on the oscars, and thinks the whole best picture snafu happened because the show's producers were busy throwing insults at him. the prez says "i think they were focused so hard on politics they they didn't get… whatever spicer was trying to say, it didn't mesh with how the march for life's own website describes itself as a "demonstration," and cnn's public relations account tweeted that shortly thereafter. whatever happened to baby jane? she be e a hit. her sister on the other hand? she didn't handle success very well. at least that's what viewers learned from feud: bette and... this story is 100 percent bulls**t, like so many of the other chris brown "exclusives" hollywoodlies has published, which didn't come true. she’s definitely one of the most talked-about contestants from bachelor nation, but corinne olympios insists she doesn’t have any “villainous” intentions — despite being instantly labeled as one . the 24-year-old miami resident, who is vying for nick viall ‘s heart on this season of the bachelor , made an appearance on the ellen degeneres show this week. in a newly released clip, olympios, 24, sits down with two ellen producers to discuss how she juggled her relationship with viall,. today’s formula e mexico city eprix lost all semblance of chill towards the end of the race. one of several attempts to fight for position didn’t end well for the two mahindra cars, littering the turn in autódromo hermanos rodríguez’s old baseball stadium with debris with two laps to go. read more... there’s nothing worse than stalling with your car lengthwise across a large chunk of a track, mid-turn. stalling in the regular direction you’d be on track is dangerous enough . the no. 31 cadillac was extremely lucky it didn’t get t-boned . here’s the iffy moment that brought out the second full course yellow at… read more... remember those walls i built well baby they're tumbling down and they didn't even put up a fight they didn't even make a sound i found a way to let you in but i never really had a doubt standing in the light of your halo (oh oh) i've got my angel now it's like i've been awakened every rule i had you breaking it's the risk that i'm taking i ain't never gonna shut you out everywhere i'm looking now i'm surrounded by your embrace baby i can see your halo you know you're my saving grace you're ever. "it's a little bit like president obama. when he left, people liked him. when he was here, people didn't like him so much." you need to lay off the drugs, they're making you delusional. selena and orlando didn't hook up that night. they are friends who share their mana ent and have mutual friends and justin knows this a fox news clip went viral friday morning that appeared to show president donald trump following the on-air demands of fox & friends, but the video was achieved using... every modern mclaren, from the 2011 mp4-12c to the p1 to the 720s is powered by a single family of twin turbo v8s. this engine didn’t come out of nowhere; it started life in a largely-forgotten supercar from nissan. read more... wordpress has revealed a serious flaw that it secretly fixed in last week's security update. it's been 15 years since britney spears' road trip movie, crossroads, hit theaters. insanity, right?? while the flick didn't necessarily get a lot of love from the critics, the coming of age story has become a cult cl ic among godney's devoted fans. still, many people might not realize how many a- ers were ociated with this film. did [...] i i think these guys never 5hsf access to the things that these ladies introduce them to. they had the money but didn't know how to enjoy it. these ladies are beautiful and rich. maybe intriguing but not a curse.