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عنوان فارسی مقاله: سیستم های اطلاعاتی و مدیریت زنجیره تامین پایدار به سوی یک جامعه پایدارتر: ما کجا هستیم و کجا می رویم؟ beloved sister, devoted friend. buffy anne summers saved the world a lot--and she made a hell of an impact on pop culture along the way. it was march 10, 1997, when buffy the vampire... robinsons fruit shoot has launched a new paign championing the importance of freedom of expression and creativity in children after research revealed parents’ concerns that pressures from society were preventing kids from discovering their p ions. the ‘it’s my thing’ ad, created by iris, uses real children over actors to show carefree kids doing what they love, including a train-obsessed 10 year-old freddie and young ellie whose ‘thing’ is being an equestrian gymnast. kirsty hunter,. recent political changes in cuba, including expanded accessibility to personal transportation and loosening restrictions of trade and tourism with the u.s., have put a fresh light on the country’s car scene. popular youtube channel mighty car mods just released a beautiful documentary on the culture, the people and… read more... the rise of popu leaders throughout the world since the turn of the 21st century has emphasized the existing problems between the different sectors of society. recently, democracies have seen the likes of donald trump of the united states, vladimir putin of russia, and tayyip erdoğan of turkey ascend to the presidency of their respective countries behind the support of the disgruntled m es wanting an immediate, radical change in social order. leaders capitalize on the popu sentiment by appealin. we’re excited to launch a regular e-newsletter on behalf of our people team called work like a fool. along with tips relating to events, wellness, and hiring, our investors have even offered to make an appearance (or two!) subscribe – and send to your foolish friends and family – by clicking here! opening night of the annual 4-day celebration of madeiran and portuguese culture in new bedford, in its 99th year. recorded on august 1, 2013 at madeira field.. this item belongs to: movies/cnbma. this item has files of the following types: archive bit , mpeg4, metadata microsoft says its new fan-centric culture has helped it attract 10 million users to its public windows testing group, the windows insider program.
hijab, far from the body image dis isfaction hijab and islamic societies: far from the body image dis isfaction and eating disorders of westernised society body image is defined as “one’s isfaction with his or her body.” 15 in westernised society, body image dis isfaction, eating disorders and other psychological disorders as a result of being unhappy with oneself are rampant. media and society promote a certain kind of image of the “ideal woman”. this article will examine the incidence of these disorders, the reasons for this body image dis isfaction and the way in which hijab and living in an islamic society provide some protection from this panacea. one major consideration is of course the absence of values education in the west that are tied to a religious/cultural tradition. “values” in the west seem to be largely taught through glossy magazines and mainstream media these days first of all, here is a general overview of islamic teachings regarding “diseases of the heart” (emotional /mental ailments), and also the islamic attitude towards food. this entails discussing how wellbeing and contentment are defined in islam imam ali (pbuh) says in nahjul balagha: “more terrible than physical malady is the sickness of heart…better than wealth is physical health. more preferable than physical health is the piety of the heart.” 5 although this is the islamic point of view, it is of course also the universal, common sense approach to “wellness”; without psychological (mental, emotional) health, one is unable to partake fully in life, let alone be a productive working member of society, or parent. this is because psychological disorders affect the physical body and result in physical maladies, eating disorders being an obvious example when a particular part of the body is sick the whole body is under terrible pain and life becomes difficult. similarly when one is afflicted with a spiritual malady one feels remorse in this worldly life also. he continues to be afflicted even after his death…sometimes he is even inclined to commit suicide. the best prevention is to keep the heart pure from defects. 5 when a believer of one of the monotheistic religions becomes afflicted with an emotional/psychological disorder, he must worry also about the impact of this “disease of the heart” upon his hereafter, as our sins, flaws, afflictions must be accounted for in the hereafter with feeble body there is very little chance of his soaring very high spiritually. 7 a feeble body is not just one that is weak, because it is being ill-fed; it is also one that has become weakened due to the impact of emotional/psychological stresses. a person who suffers from any psychological ailment, or even just a person who is afflicted by a ‘broken heart”, is unable to achieve their full potential, as their heart has become tainted by the affliction it is narrated that the prophet (pbuh)said: “if the heart is pure, the entire body will also be pure. if the heart has wickedness, the nature of the person too will be depraved.” 4 this is acknowledgment that emotional health is key to our overall well-being. islam suggests, “reason dictates and religion commands us to make every effort to cure the disease of our heart. we must care more for the well-being of our heart.” 5 specifically, regarding (healthy) eating, islam prescribes the following imam sadiq (pbuh) has been reported as saying: “if people are moderate in having food, they will have healthy bodies.” 3 here are some statistics on body image dis isfaction, and on eating disorders – it remains to be said that there is a relative wealth of information on the topic, with particular focus on these disorders in western society, yet no concrete solutions have been put forward by researchers up to one third of young australian women experience episodes of binge or overeating 9 17 % of women reported episodes of overeating, 16 % reported binge eating and 10 % reported compen ory behaviours such as vomiting, use of laxatives or diuretics and fasting in an australian study. 9 in a survey of 803 american adult females, 50 % reported dis isfaction with their physical appearance, specifically with their weight. 12 almost 80 % of the fourth grade s in the us are watching their weight. 11 in a study of 106 australian school and university students, 94 % desire to weigh less than their actual weight. 13 however, strikingly, in another study, for only 2 % of an african-american sample, does beauty mean having an attractive face and body! 20 there is a different way of conceiving of beauty other than the “western” idea that it is all in the looks. initially, though, let us conceive of this narrowly fixated western model of beauty. for example, of one of the most popular toys for young s, the barbie doll, it is said that “the waist and stretched limbs caused the teenage s in the west and other countries to avoid eating during their growth age.” 8 it is widely accepted that western media, magazines exclusively promote the ideal woman as slim, even verging on thin. sadly, it has also been reported in studies that “the emphasis placed on thinness in the west, besides resulting in negative self-evaluations, is considered to be an important factor in the aetiology of eating disorders.” 14 there is however another factor at play here; it is not just about images paraded in the media – sadly, it goes much deeper than that, it goes to the fundamental values of a society. (western) society clearly defines women’s status in terms of their bodies and appearance. 17 despite supporting equal rights and women’s liberation, society has prescribed specific standards of body attractiveness and a very narrow range of beauty shapes for females.18 interestingly, some societies do not promote the same values, and in these societies, body dis isfaction and thus eating disorders are not at all prevalent. the cultures that had a high incidence of eating disorders also had the thin ideal. on the other hand, no culture that did not have the thin ideal was found to have eating disorders. 17 islamic culture of course promotes different values for a woman: a woman’s physical beauty is only secondary, especially as it is covered by her hijab. in a study of eating disorders amongst caucasian-australian and pakistani first year university students, aged from 17-22, “although all the groups identified a similar body shape as the “ideal”, the australian and pakistani-australian females expressed significantly higher levels of body dis isfaction than did the pakistani females. the australian females expressed greater dieting and bulimic tendencies.”10 in conclusion, there are several reasons why an islamic society and women covering up (wearing hijab) makes women much less susceptible to body dis isfaction disorders. an islamic society is one in which the beauty of a woman is defined more in terms of her character attributes, her piety; in an islamic society a woman is not so much bombarded with images of the “western, thin, half-dressed and heavily made up perfect (?) woman” in media, in her day-to-day life. even in a “westernised” society, a woman observing hijab as a muslim woman will have a different way of conceptualizing her self-worth (considering the purification of her character, her inner beauty more important). the act of covering up itself reminds the woman that her beauty is much more than what is visible on the outside. modesty is a human quality that can be proposed for mankind, regardless of any cultural or religious tendency. 2 perhaps it is time for western societies to embrace the values of other cultures in which outer appearance is only secondary to a good character. this can only be achieved through a complete overhaul of the portrayal of women in all media. an islamic society offers an easy path towards this goal. naturally, the adoption of islamic values would provide a shift towards a society that is shaped by religious faith, and islam is able to permeate the entire fabric of society, so to make it one that is based on the divine qualities in the human being. the reason why the man of today has become so miserable and restless is that he has distanced himself from his lord. he looks at everything but not at god. he trusts everyone and everything except god. 6 bibliog hy lantern of the path (imam jafar sadiq (a); hadith by the sixth imam) mahdi mahrizi, woman sayyid hussain sheikh al-islami tooyserkani, taqwa (piety) advice of ahl al-bayt allamah muhammad baqir majlisi,ain-al hayat, the essence of life ayatullah sayyid abdul husayn dastghaib shirazi, qalbe-saleem, immaculate conscience allamah sayyid abdul husayn dastghaib shirazi, moral values of qur’an, a commentary on surah hujurat sayyid muhammad husayni beheshti, muhammad jawad bahonar, philosophy of islam, the effects of barbie dolls on children, pt 1 uq news 28 june 2016 nargis mahmud, nadia crittenden,a cross-cultural examination of body image among young females: exploring the role of value orientations (2000) kilbourne, j., still killing us softly: advertising and the ) obsession with thinness (1994 cash, t f, and henry, p e, women’s body images: the results of a national survey in the us (1995) abraham et al, eating behaviors among young women (1983) n er, m, eating disorders: the cultural dimension (1988) berscheid, walster, and bohrnstedt, the happy american body: a survey report (1973) mccarthy, thin ideal, depression and eating disorders in women (1990) fisher, body consciousness (1973) crook, m, the body image t (1991) levine et al, the relation of sociocultural factors to eating attitudes and behaviours among middle school s (1994) parker, nichter, vuckovic, sims, and ritenbaugh, body image and weight concerns among african american and white adolescent females: differences that make a difference (1995) game of thrones , taylor swift, scandal —oh my! so much of the pop culture we consume is a guilty pleasure—media we're a little embarr ed to admit we kinda love. some guilty pleasures are truly shlock.... this item belongs to: audio/opensource_audio. this item has files of the following types: archive bit , metadata, vbr mp3 kristen stewart is putting it all out there. it's been a month since the cafe society actress joked about being "so gay" on urday night live, and now, she's being the most candid she's ever been about her uality. y sss! related: a blonde kristen forgets her pants in v magazine! for a chat with london's sunday times, the [...] in her latest interview with vanity fair, emma watson revealed a lot more than she probably intended. no, i’m not talking about her revelation that she refuses to take selfies, nor am i even talking about the infamous ‘underboob’ featured in the cover story that has seemingly overtaken the discussion of trump’s latest tweet (a welcome tangent, might i add). i am talking about the fact that emma watson has revealed that our culture cannot handle a woman who is both &ldquo. this new commercial has just been released, and it informs swedes that it's time to give more room for the "new swedes". we are to integrate and adapt to make it easier for them to fit in, and this is done by accepting their culture and reforming our own.... this item belongs to: movies/opensource_movies. this item has files of the following types: archive bit , jpeg, json, matroska, metadata, unknown justin bieber just made a bundle by doing a commercial in japan, but unlike the celebs who just take the money and run, the biebs embedded himself in japanese culture. justin doesn't speak a word of english ... everything's in japanese.  … one silver lining of our current political nig are is that, if you’re a culture writer, you always have an angle: whatever you’re writing about is an [insert noun] for trump’s america. logan is a superhero movie for trump’s america. the super bowl was a sporting event for trump’s america. beauty ... more » 67- ژنتیک مولکولی باکتری ها ویرایش 4 سال 2004 molecular genetic of bacteria (libro)2
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there’s something heartwarming about seeing your favorite science fiction and fantasy films turned into kids’ books. morphing brutal, hard-r rated content in happy, funny ways is the trademark of artist joey spiotto, who’s about to debut another new series in this vein. read more... legal studies 103, 001 - fall 2014 theories of law and society - david lieberman creative commons 3.0: attribution-noncommercial-noderivs. this item belongs to: movies/ucberkeley-webcast. this item has files of the following types: archive bit , mpeg4, metadata after 10 days, i e back and write this note. i decided to leave myself off and think. i had chosen the way which wasn't for me and imitated from others. my life was full of stress and anxiety and i depressed because i couldn't choose. you know i think my family and society and my friends choose instead of me. i think it's better to stop and think what is mine? what decision? what faith? what emotion? i'm better now and i write a note on my website and tonight i should write a letter for a man wh. the first john wick movie was about a retired hitman for a mob-like society losing his wife and then having his car stolen and his puppy killed. john wick: chapter 2 is about him getting his car back, coming out of retirement and keeping his new puppy safe. it’s better! everything is better, and there’s so much… read more... here's a mind blowing video to make you rethink the direction of society ... gael monfils, one of the biggest tennis stars in france, just told tmz sports he has zero clue who pepe le pew is. for those of you who didn't have a childhood either,… grace, jon, and jeff talk about the recent aslo and royal society meetings they attended and then debate the march mammal madness bracket and english breakfast. teaser...marmite is gluten-free.. this item belongs to: audio/opensource_audio. this item has files of the following types: archive bit , metadata, vbr mp3 آدرس اینترنتی مقاله: h ttp://,%204%282%2915-23,%202014.pdf j. appl. environ. biol. sci., 4(2)15-23, 2014 © 2014, textroad publication issn: 2090-4274 journal of applied environmental and biological sciences the role of training in psychological empowerment of human resources from perspective of personnel and managers of cooperative society consumption (year: 2012) vahid abnili, badri shahtalebi departme. we rarely think about the role food plays in our favorite tv shows or movies, but damned if it hasn’t been crucial. but what would ghostbusters be without twinkies? twin peaks without pie? goonies without baby ruth? pixar without pizza planet? one artist has decided to celebrate this crucial link in a very unique way. read more... a p o posted by emily ratajkowski (@emrata) on jun 6, 2015 at 8:08pm pdt in 2016, emily ratajkowski graced the cover of glamour's october issue , and in the magazine the model wrote a thoughtful cultural analysis about the double standards women face in society. not only are her quotes incredibly eloquent and thoughtful, but it's worth nothing that this isn't the first (and, hopefully, not the last) time the 25-year-old has been vocal about her feelings on the human body and women's right to em. japanese 7b, 001 - spring 2015 introduction to modern japanese literature and culture - john r wallace all rights reserved. this item belongs to: movies/ucberkeley-webcast. this item has files of the following types: archive bit , mpeg4, metadata npr senior director admits george soros' open society foundation began giving to npr 15 years ago source: uploader: veritasvisuals upload date: 2011-03-17. this item belongs to: movies/opensource_movies. this item has files of the following types: archive bit , jpeg, json, mpeg4, metadata, unknown open source technology permeates throughout our society, playing an important role in much of the technological a ncements in the world, such as the wordpress blogging platform. developers recognize the value of these projects, but there is some grumbling about how there should be ways for project contributors to be remunerated for their contributions. currently, developers […] our society is undergoing a profound shift. in the aftermath of the 2016 election, many of our foundational values and umptions about our democracy are being called into question. our core institutions and norms are under attack and in need of defending and reclaiming. there are certain things that most people consider not up for grabs in our society: democracy. human dignity. separation of powers. equality. dialogue. these are core values that also represent our best aspirations. many rest on a. this item represents a case in pacer, the u.s. government's website for federal case data. if you wish to see the entire case, please consult pacer directly.. this item belongs to: texts/usfederalcourts. this item has files of the following types: archive bit , metadata, text pdf
s̲h̲afta d̲ pis̲h̲ra d̲ ainia author(s): e. s. drower source: the journal of the royal asiatic society of great britain and ireland, no. 4 (oct.,1937), pp. 589-611 published by: bridge university press stable url: unicode: ibrahim shafiee (university of tehran)
ادامه مطلب not to sound like ryan murphy’s mom, but we’re really worried ryan murphy isn’t getting enough sleep. today, the prolific writer and producer announced plans for a new series at fx called pose, which will be set in 1986 and “examines the juxtaposition of several segments of life and society ... more » dr andrew j. newman is a reader in islamic studies and persian at the university of edinburgh. he holds a ba in history, summa cum laude, from dartmouth college, new hampshire, usa, and an ma and phd in islamic studies from the university of california, los angeles, usa. dr newman joined edinburgh university in 1996, having been a research fellow at both the wellcome unit for the history of medicine, oxford and green college, oxford, whilst researching topics in the history of islamic medicine.. after four years of development, culture shock games is launching the we are chicago adventure game on steam for the windows pc. built by a diverse team in the windy city, the game is unlike other in its rea ic portrayal of what it’s like to grow up on the south and west sides of chicago. […] these are the original records of the nickwackett engine company, which was housed in the same building that the historical society now occupies. it includes log books 1860 - 1895, fires and alarms 1876 - 1879, and members and dues.... this item belongs to: texts/opensource. this item has files of the following types: archive bit , image container pdf, metadata this official ieee communications society events app provides program information for comsoc's flagship events, ieee globecom and ieee...
few people in this mohammadian age are found like sheikh al-akbar (the greatest master) who are the stakes of earth.
⚡️and the mountains as stake⚡️
these stakes are few individuals among people being the mountains of society so that people don't shake.
they are the shelter of people.
#allamah h anzadeh
super bowl ads provide brands the chance to gain exposure to one of the largest, engaged audiences available but the media space comes for a price (somewhere upwards of $5m for 30 seconds). irreverent party game cards against humanity has decided to parody the ad culture around the super bowl in its new video ‘potato’ (which did not actually air during the big game). the company took to medium to give a (fake) breakdown of its marketing plans for the big day, to explain why it was not among. look, when donald trump signs so much legislation selling out our environment, healthcare, and culture to big business, we have to find our kicks where we can. on monday, the potus down to sign a few laws (getting rid of barack obama regulations enforcing workplace safety and labor laws and establishing federal education standards), but [...] south korea’s film and television industries are to be allowed access to a government tax break previously reserved for manufacturers. the ministry of culture, sports and tourism said that the restriction of special taxation act had been amended. changes will take effect this friday. cultural goods such as film, tv and k-pop have become... read more »