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"i'm on fire like a thousand suns i couldn't put it out if i wanted to, these flames tonight looking to my eyes and say you want me to like i want you" پ.ن:دست خودم نبود،الانم که دست خودمه امکان نداره بخوام قدم از قدمی جز توی این راه بردارم.اگر هم دستور بوده...به دل یدمش! نا گَه. لا زمان. لا مکان. بی واژه. did you hear? u.s. roads are total ! our bridges are a ing mess , too! and a new report issued by the american society of civil engineers reaffirmed this essment in the latest edition of its infrastructure report card . how’d we do? a d+ . read more... “mom, this was the first time we ever saw a movie alone, just the two of us.” “no, that can’t be. are you sure?” i was watching my 18-year-old son, coffee cup in his hand, looking up at me between bites of his doughnut. we decided to grab a snack before heading home after watching “hidden figures.” wasn’t it just yesterday that i would walk him in his stroller to dunkin’ donuts? how could this man with the scruffy beard be the same toddler t. steph gongora doesn’t consider herself as part of the freebleeding movement — but she’s glad that sharing a video of her blood stain encouraged a conver ion about the stigma surrounding menstruation. gongora says that the video she posted to instagram , where she practices yoga while showing her period stain in white yoga pants , led to a long debate in the comments after the video went viral. “i had a few people comment or me or even email me that they wanted to kill me or that i shoul. on more than one occasion, tami and eric taylor have been praised as an incredibly honest portrayal of marriage on television. and for the actors, that relationship started with the p ion they felt for the project they’d just been handed when they walked onto the set of friday night lights . as connie britton explains during episode two of ew’s binge podcast , “there was so much p ion about these characters that we were playing and this world that we were creating. we felt very strongly a. ever wanted to know what a diva working out looks like? well, now you can see. mariah carey shared videos and p os from her time at celebrity trainer gunnar peterson's gym and... 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